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Daily Commitment Thread June 12

Good morning everyone. We had a outbreak of tornados across iowa last night. Tragiclly one tornado hit a boy scout camp between Blanco and Little Sioux and killed 4 people. Many more were injured. Please keep them in your thoughts.

op for me today. Off to work where we will have a quartly production meeting this morning. They always have cookies, fruit and pop but I have already promised my self to take the fruit. and a diet soda. Then we will have a 10 hr shift today. Got hamburger all cooked up to make tacos when I get home so I wont be tempted to order out that end of the week pizza,

Well see you all tonight!!


Daily Commitment Thread June 12

Chelsie, keeping my fingers crossed for you that you can stay OP with your meeting today. It's hard to stay out of the sweets when they are right in front of you.

I did hear this morning about the tornado at the boy scout camp. What a tragedy! I can't imagine how those parents are dealing with it. My boys leave for boy scout camp the week after next. These things are always a worry in the back of my mind, and it certainly will be now.