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Topic of this week's WW meeting

Finally got back to a meeting today. The topic was basically everyone brought in packages from their favorite WW friendly foods. I was a little disappointed in that it seemed like a lot of junk. Granted the foods were low in points but also seemed low in nutrition. Of course that is me talking from the perspective of being on Core. When I was doing Flex I was guilty of saving points so I could have treats. Anyway here are some of the suggestions that people gave. You'll have to check points, I didn't get them all written down.
Fiber 1 cereal (original flavor) 1/2 cup is 0 pts. Good in yogurt and also as a cereal alone or with other cereals.
Thomas Brand English muffins-light, Hearty Grain with double fiber Honey Wheat muffins, bagels (with WW cream cheese)
Eggo Nutrigrain Blueberry Waffles 2 for 3pts
Bocca Suasage links 2 for 1 pt
Hebrew National 97% FF beef hot dogs (much better than the FF ones)
Laughing cow and Babybel cheeses
Kashi bars
94% FF popcorn
Lesser Evil brand kettle corn, fries (in Natural Foods section)
Fiber 1 bars.
These are the ones I wrote down. And that's what our whole meeting was


Re: Topic of this week's WW meeting


Those are interesting choices. I don't believe I saw
any of my picks. :)

Even with Flex, I have to be sure I make good choices
and restrict points for treats to a minimum. If I
don't, I find I get really hungry too soon.


Re: Topic of this week's WW meeting

I like some of these things, but I try to use less prepackaged foods too. I like...

LF Nutrigrain waffles
Boca Burgers
FF cheese
WW ice cream
FF Reddi Whip
Lite Wheat Bread
Thomas english muffins
Flat Out wraps
Tyson seasoned chicken breasts
Promise FF spread
Smuckers SF jam
Canadian Bacon

That's all I can think of in terms of prepackaged stuff. Anyone else?


topic of this week's WW meeting

For English muffins, hotdog buns, and hamburger buns I buy Healthy Life brand. They are only 1 point and very good. I usually eat the English muffins with laughing cow cheese spread. I have never bought the Thomas brand English muffin. How many points is it?
For breakfast, I like to eat the Kashi original cereal. With 3/4 cup and 1/2 cup milk, it is only 1 point. Sometimes I slice a banana in it or sometimes I mix it up with 1/2 cup of Fiber One cereal. Of course, I have to count the points for the banana, but the Fiber One adds 0 points.