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Daily Commitment Thread - 6-14-08

Boy! I slept in today!

So, happy Saturday everyone. I hope you all had a great day yesterday.

I overindulged in the afternoon. I don't know if it all the outside bike riding I am doing or what, but I am so hungry recently. I had a light lunch and was still hungry a bit later. I wound up eating 2 (!!!!) Pb and J sandwiches. What is up with that??? I was full then, and it held me until about 8p. I ate a lighter than usual dinner to help counteract the points. I actually wasn't all that hungry then anyway. I think I need to look at the types of foods I eat better. I tend to eat a lot of no fat foods and I am finding that higher fat foods like PB really hold me longer. Hmmmmmm. Thoughts????

So today, Scott and I ride our bikes and maybe we will take the kids to the $1 movie theater.

What are your plans?


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-14-08

I'm OP today too. I'm watching my granddaughter today, going to a bridal shower and a birthday party and then resting. It looks like a beautiful day here for all I have planned so that'll help.

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-14-08

up early for me on on a saturday. Kids woke up early so I did too. Today we might go look at buying a small trailer. Bob wants one to haul grass and sticks. As well as the dirt bike he occasionally races. We will plant new grass on all the dirt we have been hauling. We hauled 4 load of dirt and sand last night so the kids will be busy in the new sand box we built them. My father in law is getting a skid loader to finished the parking spot in back and then the back yard will be done!!! My upper body is sure sore after all that shoveling. I just used it for my exercise yesterday. Today I will get on the treadmill and work my legs.

Uki, I agree with you on the fat intake. Especially pb. I find when I eat it in the morning for breakfast I stay satisfied longer. are you using pb2 or regular pb? The other things I typically use for snacks are fruit, yougurt and veggies. They really work for me. I tend to stay away from the sweet snacks because I usually just want more after I eat what I had portioned. Fruit gives me that sweet taste I am craving

hope that helps


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-14-08

Good morning to everyone!!

More company coming in today, so that will keep me
occupied and on the move. :)

Uki, there are days when it seems like I just cannot
get enough to eat. :( I find, too, that peanut butter
just solves that problem, especially if I put it be-
tween graham crackers. :) I use regular peanut butter
freshly ground from a special market here, so there
are no additives in it. I also like the season when
fresh apricots are available. That means I can eat
three whole apricots for only one point! I also find
bananas to be filling and satisfying. Since I am at
the point where I am supposed to eat a banana each
day, that is a "good thing."

I appreciate the mention of Fiber 1 cereal. I had not
tried that one and bought some yesterday. That will be
a good choice for something crunchy when I think I
need to eat something. Crunchy foods are a weakness of
mine. :(

I am reminded today of the importance of living each
day to the fullest - for ourselves and for those with
whom we feel closest. For those of you who plan spe-
cial Father's Day activities, have a wonderful time
with those special men in your lives. I hope they have
been men with full hearts!

Hsve a great day!


Daily Commitment Thread - 6-14-08

I had to be up and at em early this morning. My youngest was leaving with the Boy Scouts at 7:30 this morning so had to get going early. My other son was taking his ACT test this morning starting at 8:00. Later on today, the youngest son will return from his boy scout outing and the other will be leaving for a boy scout outing. In between playing taxi, I plan on catching up on laundry & cleaning. Nothing fun.

I will be OP today. Saturday & Sunday are my rest days from walking 4 miles, but will start back on Monday. I walk Mon-Fri.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-14-08

I'm up and OP. I'm trying to get the laundry under control and thinking about what to do for Father's Day.

Everyone have a great healthy day!

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-14-08

I have had some more thoughts about why we seem to be
so hungry at times. I find that on days when I have a
scrambled (in olive oil) egg for breakfast along with
one slice of Nature's Own Hi-fiber toast I tend to not
feel so hungry later on. I know the WW program is de-
signed to support those two servings of healthy oils
each day, but that is not my focus, although it might
need to be. As our leader has pointed out, fat and fi-
ber are two things that help us feel full longer. At
the level where I am - 20 points a day, plus points
allowance - I tend to choose those things that keep
me chewing and have a more immediate filling effect.
I am OP each and every day - and will be for the rest
of my life - choosing mainly low point foods for my
meals, or at least those made by WW recipes that have
the point value worked in already. I have not been
brave enough to try to see how things would work if out of those 20 points I used two of them for healthy
fat and six of them for the dairy I am supposed to
have each day, plus that one for that daily banana, my
choice over a glass of orange juice. That would only
give me 11 points (plus allowance) for the rest of my
day. I have also not focused on being sure to use those allowance points.

Well, this is definitely all the time I should spend
at this computer just now.