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Some insight into the PB sandwiches. LOL

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason because God is in charge and when we let Him rule in our lives, all works out as it should. That being said, I found this whole course of events interesting.

I mentioned on the daily thread that I was so hungry yesterday and ate 2 PB and J sandwiches in the afternoon. This is unlike me anymore. Chelsie, interestingly enough they were real PB not PB2 - I didn't want the PB2 for some reason, which is also not like me. Anyway, I was hungry and ate them and felt better.

This morning I had a 3 point breakfast and Scott and I headed out on our bikes. After 3.5 miles, his front tire blew out. I had to ride back and get the van to pick him up. That was 7 miles. When we got back, he switched front wheels and still wanted to ride. We rode another 12 miles together. So, I rode almost 20 miles today!! As I was riding, I was thinking about those silly sandwiches. God knew what He was doing - He told me to eat them, because he knew I would need the additional fuel for the ride today. He is so good! :)

Just thought I would share this in cast it helps anyone else.


Re: Some insight into the PB sandwiches. LOL

One never knows when one's "reserve" will be called
upon. We must keep ourselves strong and on target.
Sure glad everything worked out all right with you and
the bike ride. I added another "book" to the daily
commitment thread about all this feeling hungry thing.
Sometimes I feel like I am preparing for hibernation.

Re: Some insight into the PB sandwiches. LOL

I just read your last post on the daily thread and I know EXACTLY what you mean. I have always felt like it was "wasting" points to use them on fats and dairy, so my meal plans always reflected that. I have been so focused on getting the most bang for my points so I tend to choose foods that offer a lot of volume for very little points value. This works fine at filling my stomach, but not always as well as "satisfying" my hunger. Interesting... I am learning the difference between being full and being satisfied and they are not one and the same! I guess I need to get braver about incorporating fats into my diet. What is even more interesting is that even a day or more after I eat fats like PB, I am less hungry and more satisfied. So they seem to have a lingering effect.

More to think about...


Re: Some insight into the PB sandwiches. LOL

That is so cool! And also Uki, I can't believe you rode your bike 20 miles!! and with your DH, that is even more awesome. YOU GO!!

Re: Some insight into the PB sandwiches. LOL

Thanks Lisa! I was pretty tickled too. That is the longest I have ridden as of yet. I thought for sure I would feel it when we rode yesterday and in the beginning my legs were a little tired, but once I warmed up I was fine. Not bad for a 40 year old mom of three!