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wi monday june16


Re: wi monday june16

Well, weigh in was not what I expected - up .4. :(
I had hoped it would move that much in the other direction. Oh, well. Such is life. I have given
some thought to trying Core this week. I believe I
will see how tomorrow goes with that.


Re: wi monday june16


Weight does fluctuate from day to day and so many things can make it go up and down. Don't get discouraged. The scale WILL move again. I promise!

Re: wi monday june16


Thank you for those encouraging words. :) I have been
on this weight-loss journey for quite sometime, and I
should know how the scale can trick you, but it was
not something I had expected last night. Although I am
below my goal weight, I would still like to see slight
movements downward on occasion, especially since I am
still OP all the time. :)