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Daily Commitment Thread - 6-16-08

I hope everyone had a nice Father's Day with the special men in their lives.

We had a lazy day. Church and then Scott watched the race. We hung out and I made his favorite dinner, then we had a campfire and had fun shooting the BB gun. We are all good shots, if I do say so myself!

Today we will take a bike ride after breakfast and then head out to do some errands. Scott needs a new front tire and tube for his bike, since his blew out on Saturday. So we will get that, get some batteries at Walgreen's (sale $2.99 for , and have lunch at Burger King. We have a free meal there. Then over to his folks' house. I got Dad a walker and some Depends, so we need to take them over. Mom has some odd jobs she needs to have done as well, so we can do that.

What are your plans for the day?


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-16-08

OH boy! A busy week is ahead of me. Today is my day off and I have to go to Walmart here in a bit and drop off a prescription. Taking a top back that I bought couple weeks ago...color doesn't match what I was going to wear with it, so back it's going. Other than that I'll just be playing with the kiddos.

I stayed OP yesterday and today looks like a great day to do the same.

Have great day, folks!

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-16-08

Well, I'll try again. I wrote up a long message and then it wouldn't post. The joys of computers.
Anyway, I'm off to the gym as soon as DH gets back from getting an estimate from the body shop for my car after it was backed into.
After the gym have to go fabric shopping. I have to make a small quilt for our car show the beginning of July.
Did well yesterday at the church picnic. Almost the only things I could eat were fresh fruit and veggies. I did have 2 slices of deli roast beef which isn't core. In the afternoon I couldn't get enough to eat. Had FF plain yogurt mixed with SF lemon Jello pudding powder and then a bag of popcorn. For supper made pizza for DH and Boca burgers for me. Finally I felt satisfied.
Gotta run. Have a good day.


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-16-08

At work and OP, just finished breakfast, an alternative bagel with LF veggie cream cheese, this is my favorite weekday breakfast.

Had a very nice Father's Day with my husband - grilled out for dinner stayed on plan - even for dessert. With the loss I saw on Friday, it made it very easy not to stray.

Have a great day everyone!

Daily Commitment Thread - 6-16-08

We had a nice Father's Day around here with DH. Both of us were busy during the first part of the day getting our inside & outside chores done. We went to lunch. DH picked Mexican, so I had to work a little at staying within my points. We rented a movie (Bucket List) and spent the rest of the day vegging out. It was nice and very unusual for us.

Today I'm OP. Got my walk in this morning. Had a slim fast bar and banana for breakfast for 5 points. This isn't my typical breakfast, but I was on the run this morning for an early morning appt. Got my 4 mile walk in, which actually put me behind getting ready, but I was determined to get it in.

BTW, Pat, you mentioned in an earlier thread that you heard you shouldn't exercise on WI day. Why is that?

Kim, what is an alternative bagel?


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-16-08

Cheryle, wasn't The Bucket List a geat movie. I don't remember your age range so you may not be as close as I am to starting a list.
The receptionist at WW told me that when you exercise hard your muscles retain fluid as they rebuild themselves. I'm not sure where the fluid comes from that they retain. Seems like the fluid is already in your body so shouldn't make a difference. I have seem the same thing mentioned other places. So last week I decided not to do any heavy exercise the day before and the day of weigh in. Don't know if that's why I lost or not but I'm going to try it again this week. I usually do my weight lifting the day before WI but I'm just going to either walk or walk in the pool (deep end) and see what happens.


Daily Commitment Thread - 6-16-08

Pat, yes, I loved The Bucket List. I am a big fan of Morgan Freeman. Not so much Jack Nicholson, but I liked him in this movie. I don't mind telling my age--I'm 45. (well only for a few more months) :(

That is very interesting about retaining fluids after exercising. My WI is tomorrow. Wonder if I should lay off the 4 mile walk. :) I do notice while I'm walking my fingers are swollen. However, they return to normal pretty quickly after the walk. It will be interesting to see how your next WI is if you choose not to exercise.


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-16-08

Yesterday was a good day, and I didn't do badly at
all with staying OP. Today was pretty busy, putting
things straight after company left.

Kim, I want to know what an alternative bagel is, too.

The garden is coming along very well, so it is going
to be keeping me busier in the next few days. It will
be good to have more home grown veggies. Wish it was
time for tomatoes now.

I had not heard that about limiting your work out on
the day before a weigh in. It does sound a little odd,
but muscle does weigh heavier, and it burns more ener-

Will hurry on for tonight. "See" you tomorrow!