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Daily Commitment Thread - 6-18-08

I slept in this morning and it was nice!! So, good morning Ladies.

I hope you all had a great day yesterday. We did. Scott and I took a 10 mile bike ride. It was cold and I came home and put my long john's on. Seriously! LOL

I got a reply for a shower chair for my father in law on freecycle, so we will take out a walker, shower chair, and one of those raised toilet seats with the handles this weekend. I am so tickled to have gotten him this stuff!!

No major plans today. We pick up Wes and Anna from the sleepover at 11a. We need to fix a livingroom chair. Tonight we get my favorite take out food for dinner and have a family tv night. Yay!!

What are your plans today?


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-18-08

Today is a rainy gloomy day. DH needs to go to the city for some shopping so he is dropping me off at the gym. I'll do my water walking class. Then when he picks me up I'll try to get him to take me out to lunch, maybe Panera. I hear they have a summer strawberry salad with FF dressing. Then I have to get busy working on the quilt that I need the beginning of July. Tomorrow I go to the diabetes dr. and hope that he takes me off my meds. My blood sugars have been excellent since I've lost the weight.
Have a good day everyone.


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-18-08

Patty - I hope you are able to get off the meds. Keep us posted.

I've had a busy morning getting the boys off to where they needed to go and I'm at work.

Yesterday was really rough for me food wise. I just wasn't satisfied with anything for very long. By 6:00, all my food points were gone. So, I brushed my teeth and went to the dentist for my cleaning. When I got home, I decided to go out for a walk to keep my mind off eating. Talked on my cell the whole time, so before I knew it, I had 40 min. walk in. Hey, I earned food points. So, afterwards, I munched on a few baked Lays, one laughing cow cheese wedge, some raw red pepper slices, and more carrots. I felt like a rabbit or something.

Anyway, I hope today isn't like yesterday where I want to eat all day long. Leaving work at 12:45 to go have mammogram, then I have to come right back to work.

Have great day everyone!

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-18-08

Good morning!

I made those two walks yesterday! I should be able to
get them in today, too.

There are some garden chores awaiting me as well as
some paper work for some church activities and pre-
paring for a book club I am in.

It is a beautiful day here, and I am glad to be up and
at work.


Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-18-08

I am at work and OP.

Had my alternative bagel this morning, have leftover grilled chicken & veggies for lunch and have a very lean pot roast w/potatoes & carrots in the crockpot for dinner. Trying to be more conscience of the water I drink too!

Keeping my fingers crossed for another loss this week!

Have a great day

Re: Daily Commitment Thread - 6-18-08

hey everyone. Had a pretty good day. Went to work early and now I am home. Had treats brought too work today and was able to resist again!!! Another girl at my work is watching her weight too so we try to help each other out. It really helps to have someone like that at work.

Off to my meeting in a few minutes hope to hit my 10 % tonight!!!

see you later