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Found a New Snack

The dr. I work for found these at Costco's and had me try them. They are by Brothers All Natural and they are Fuji Apple Crisps. They also come in Pear Crisps. I've only tried the apple. They are kind of like astronaut food, LOL. I was a little skeptical b/c of the texture, but after a couple seconds in your mouth, they suddenly melt and it's like eating a bite of apple. I liked them and here are the stats: one pouch has 39 calories, 2 fiber, 0 fat, and only 9 carbs (which I have to watch). That's barely a half point! She found them in the isle with the chips/crackers I believe.

Also, I read on another board that Fiber One is coming out with 2 new flavors for their bars...think I read apple strudel and strawberry. I'll have to look for these, some places are starting to get them, not sure about here in Indiana as of yet. I had to give up the oats/choc...they just kill my stomach if you KWIM! I haven't found a bar I like better than those though for 2 points. Thought I'd share in case people wanted news on new flavors.

Re: Found a New Snack

My local grocery store had the new Fiber One Strawberry & Almond, very good!!!
I went to SuperWalMart and tried the WW sting cheese for 1 point, they were really good too. I will say I think the WW cookies are okay don't know if I would actually purchase them again.
I did get a recipe from Hungry Girl for the Fiber One Apple muffin mix, I thought was really good for a 1 pt. muffin. I have to look for the apple crisps next time I go to Costco. Thanks

Re: Found a New Snack

Thanks for passing along this news. It is always good
to know about new snack possibilities. It is through
this site that I heard about Fiber One cereal, and it
is 0 points per half cup, plus it is on the Core Plan!
We don't have a Costco's around here, but they may be
available at some other place nearby. I will look for
them. I have found I enjoy Curves bars, mainly the
chocolate. :)I try not to eat too many of them. Also,
I like the WW Chocolate Chip cookie warmed in the mi-
crowave for 20 or so seconds. Reminds me of how home-
made tastes just fresh out of the oven.


Re: Found a New Snack

I'm always looking for new snack ideas. I get tired of the same old same. Plus, I have to watch the carb counts on everything and that makes it difficult. I've been looking about recipes all morning on dwlz.com and also checking out aimees cookbooks.