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Topic of this week's WW meeting

We had a great meeting today. One of our members has lost 101.5 pounds since October. She came up front wearing her old shorts, except all of her was in one leg. We gave her a standing ovation and the leader gave her a ballon boquet
The topic today was
"Too Much of a Good Thing is a Bad Thing"
We discussed when too much is bad. Some of the things are
getting on the scale
buying stuff on sale
If you have too much you don't appreciate what you have (think of kids with too many toys and they play with the boxes)
Eating too much of a good thing can cause problems also. If you are doing Flex and eyeball your portions and the scale isn't moving, maybe it's time to get out the measuring cups and spoons. If you're doing Core, re-examine your feeling of satisfaction.
In a restaurant to control portions
order a child's portion
share a meal
order appetizers as your meal
to be continued in next post

Re: Topic of this week's WW meeting

I think this is a critical topic!! Now this is just me on my soap box, but... I really feel so much of ALL of life is about balance. We need to strive to find balance in everything we do. This includes time with family and friends and time to ourselves. Time for work and time for play. The amount of food we eat and the amount of time we exercise. The amount of money we spend and the amount we save. Anything is excess is not a good thing. For example, exercise is great, but there is such a thing as exercise addiction. Saving money is great, but there are people out there that don't even spend money on things they should like doctors and medicine. Eating not enough is bad, but so is eating too much. Even what you eat. I know for myself that I cannot completely cut out treats or I freak out and eat 1/2 a package of cookies. I need small amounts of treats in moderation. On the flip side, I know there are some foods that are total trigger foods for me and I cannot eat them in moderation. I have to avoid those foods no matter what.

So, that being said, I agree wholeheartedly with this topic. Finding balance can and will change your life.


Topic of this week's WW meeting

Wow! Can you imagine the visual of that person in one of her old pant legs? That is just awesome. Pat, once again, some wonderful tips. Thanks.