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Top 10 ways to control portions

1- break down leftovers into meal size portions
2- have a salad before the meal
3- Single out trigger foods (portion into single servings or buy only single serving bags)
4- Eat mini meals throughout the day
5-Keep seconds out of sight. Keep big dishes on the stove. It makes you think before taking seconds if you have to get up and go to the kitchen
6- Think of meat as a side dish instead of the main part of the meal
7-Meet yourself 1/2 way. Split your restaurant meal in 1/2 before starting to eat
8- Order kid's meals
9-Serving standards. Know how big a serving size is ex: 3 oz. meat is the size of a deck of cards
10- Treat yourself. Occasionally give in to your desire and have a small treat. If you don't give yourself a small amount you will eat all around it and then probably eat the treat anyway.

Re: Top 10 ways to control portions

Amen. You are preaching to the choir. :)

Re: Top 10 ways to control portions

I particularly like #10. Seems a bit familiar. :)

Top 10 ways to control portions

Those are all great tips, Pat. Thank you for sharing them.