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Balsamic baked apples

Hello - long time lurker and first time poster. I enjoy reading these threads as I maintain (I am doing WW point counting (did the program in Atlanta about 10 years ago) but don't go to meetings as one is not available to me here in Macau).

Tried this recipe the other day and it was really good:


I tried to keep the portions as 1/2 T sugar, 1 apple (quartered and cut thinly - like twice the thickness of matchsticks) and about 2 T balsamic vinegar - total recipe is 2 pts (I count 1/2 points).

I did keep it in the oven longer - just till the balsamic vinegar was 'done.'

The vinegar caramelizes into a lovely sauce (no vinegar taste) and is better than keeping jarred caramel sauce in the house.

I originally found this on www.skinnygourmet.blogspot.com under desserts, which I am discovering to also be a fun recipe reference.


Re: Balsamic baked apples

Welcome!! How nice to meet a new face. Thank you for your kind recipe. Please feel free to post anytime!


Re: Balsamic baked apples

glad to have a new voice here. I love new recipe sites. Keep posting.


Re: Balsamic baked apples

Welcome to the board! This sounds Yummy! Keep postin!

Balsamic baked apples

Southernbbq, welcome and thank you for the recipe. I am also a new member to this MB. These ladies have been wonderfully supportive. Don't be a lurker any longer.


Re: Balsamic baked apples

this sounds unusual and delicious..can't wait to try it...Maajida