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3 point HUGE smoothie

This makes 2, 3 pt servings of 3 cups each!
3-4 c. uncrushed ice, blend that in blender until crushed up a bit.
Then add:
1 c lowfat milk (2pts)
1 c strawberries (1 pt)
1 berries n cream WW yogurt (1 pt)
1/2 c. no sugar added vanilla ice cream or raspberry sherbet is good too. (2 pts)
try and blend that all together until its thick, then add water until the blender can blend it all to a smoothie-like texture.
Add about 4 T. splenda and blend again

Seriously my husband and I make this everytime we watch a movie and we pop some healthy pop (2 pts a bag) and you have a great night time summer snack for 4 points (smoothie and popcorn)

3 point HUGE smoothie

Tiffany, this sounds really good. Thanks for sharing it.


Re: 3 point HUGE smoothie

Yummo!! LOL This sound so good!

Re: 3 point HUGE smoothie

Sounds refreshing!!


Re: 3 point HUGE smoothie

wow, the smoothie sounds so good...the popcorn is a favorite of mine that gives lots of crunch power for the points / cals involved. I love making air popped popcorn and spraying it with butter flavored spray and no-salt seasonings as it comes out of the popper..that way it tastes much better with flavor that sticks without the addition of more calories. The combo of the smoothie and the popcorn sounds great. These items have been really great to have during tough times when I would have turned to food for comfort. Having something with low points or calories is a wonderful way to enjoy the comforting crunch power while still being able to stay on track. Thanks for sharing, maajida