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Topic of this week's WW meeting 6/26

Tricking Brain and Body into being satisfied with smaller portions.
Some suggestions were ones we've all heard- use smaller plates, wine glasses etc. so that they are full and looks like more food. One I hadn't heard is using a smaller spoon so you have to take more bites.
Cover your plate with lettuce leaves and then put food on it.
Cut food into small pieces, will look like more on the plate and will take longer to eat.
Have a glass of water before meal to fill you.
Fill plate with low energy density foods (think grapes instead of rasins) Use the high density foods as side dishes.
Be sure you have meet your Good Health Guidelines before you have treats.
Eat facing a mirror-you won't overeat while watching yourself (I'm not sure about this it seems weird)
Use chopsticks to slow down your eating
Don't get too hungry. Have small meals more often
"A lady always leaves a little food on her plate"
Plan whole day meals and snacks.
No taking a break from your program for weekends, holidays etc. If you count all weekend and holidays they add up to 144 days a year. That's a lot of day to go off program.
Change the color of your dishes. Cool colors of light blue and mint green make you eat less. Red, orange and yellow cause you to eat more.