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Daily commitment thread July 7

Ahhh, it is already past the holiday weekend and now I must go back to work. I am on a team again this week so I am not too sad about going back. I dont get the boerd eating that I get working on the production line. I will be working late hours but I rested up alot this weekend so I should be okay.

Well off to work I will post later

Re: Daily commitment thread July 7

Good morning!

We have another beautiful day here today, but it will
be hotter than I like it. :(

Yesterday was a good day. Our friends came for supper,
and it was good. We had salads from our own garden
lettuce. We are beginning to have some ripe tomatoes,
so they were a good addition, too.

Chelsie, good luck to you with those long hours this
week. That is tiring, I know. :(

Laura, enjoy yourself this week. :) Hope that cold
sore has done some disappearing.

Cheryle, you seem to have a lot going on in your life.
Hope you get all your preparations done according to
your schedule.

Uki, I posted a reply to you last night. I am sorry
the camping trip was less than it could have been un-
der other circumstances.

I haven't mentioned some of you who are "regulars,"
but I hope you will have a good day and will feel
good about your efforts to stay OP.


Re: Daily commitment thread July 7

Hi All, I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!

I weighed on Friday and as I anticipated had a gain of 1 pound. My mind set earlier in the week was if I continuously had that stupid 3 lbs to lose, that one more wouldn't make that much of a difference...well, that wasn't how I felt when I stepped on the scale and saw the number. Let's just say that it lead to depression eating over the weekend, which was just stupid!

BUT, today is a new new day and I am at work and OP, at my next weigh-in I WILL have lost that 4th pound and hopefully an additional one going into my vacation next week.

I found new cushions for the patio at Home Depot also picked up fuel for the tikki torches. Did some yard work and the backyard is shaping up nicely for my "staycation".

Hubby and I will be shopping for a new bed this evening, ours has a leak...yes, it is a waterbed, a softsided - motion-free one. We have had it for over 15 years and I am a little anxious about getting a new bed, hubby wants to get a "real" bed, while I would be happy to just replace the liner in our current one, I love our bed, but his back has been bothering him, so I guess maybe it's time, and who knows maybe I will end up sleeping better too, at any rate it will be better than the couch I had to sleep on last night!

Have a Great Day

Re: Daily commitment thread July 7

Thanks Nellie, I will enjoy this week as much as possible. Going blueberry picking later this afternoon so that'll be fun. The cold sore is drying up and looks better and feels better, thanks. I read the paper to see what the weather is supposed to be Friday and Saturday it says 90, hot and humid. That's not good, way to hot for me and for a wedding. We will be in air conditioning but, I will be a mess by the time I get there if it's that hot. I can only hope and pray for a cool front to come through. Oh and I am OP today.


Daily commitment thread July 7

Good morning everyone! I will be OP all the way today. I will be working on getting things ready to go on my trip. I have to call the pediatrician today to see if I can get in with my son. Unfortunately, I think he has a sinus infection. Since we will be flying on Wednesday, I certainly don't want him to have to deal with sinus issues. I was on a plane one time with sinus problems going on, and I thought my head would explode. I don't want him to experience that, especially since it is the first time he has flown.

Have a good week everyone!


Re: Daily commitment thread July 7

Morning everyone! Today is a new day. We headed out to church yesterday morning and my little guy seemed fine, but by the end of church, he was running a fever. He ran it all day yesterday. He's still running it this morning. I don't normally work on Monday's, but I have an appt. at 12:00 that I cannot cancel, so my aunt is going to watch him. I'd like to know exactly what his temp. is, but I cannot locate a thermometer anywhere in the house. He has no other symptoms, just fever and no appetite. Strange. Hopefully it's gone by tomorrow b/c I'm scheduled to be at another location to train with someone on insurance. Oh, and my car is back in the shop. Three weeks ago, I spent $650.00 on new battery and ignition system. Over weekend, car wouldn't start. I was LIVID! So, it's probably the starter, like we thought in the first place, which will cost more money. Ugh!

Re: Daily commitment thread July 7

Carrie, my son has a fever and no appetite too! First day was Saturday, Sunday it went away, and in the middle of the night last night he threw up! Hope you're clears up better than that!

We have unplugged the TV for the next 4 weeks. It was a challenge from church in an effort to spend more time together. I'm already having TV withdrawls!!! But yesterday I spent more quality time with the family than I usually do so I really think it will be good. And I read before bed instead of watching TV.

OP for me, no more chocolate chips! Have a great day everyone!

Re: Daily commitment thread July 7

I am OP for another day too. It is very hot here so the bike ride is done for the day. I take Scott to the doctor today - he may have a hernia. Sigh...


Re: Daily commitment thread July 7

posting belatedly, but on track despite temptations to the contrary....I so identify with the posts about struggles....I feel so much better when OP, it's hard to understand how we can get so off program at times. It's good to be here...the support, encourgement, and wise perspective makes all the difference in the world...Maaj