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Daily Committment Thread - 7/8/08

Good morning!

I can't believe that I am the one beginning this thread this morning.

I am not sure if I can collect my thoughts enough to
cover all of the things going on in your lives. I'll
give it a try.

Chelsie, I know you are working those long hours. I am
thinking about you and your efforts to stop smoking.

Uki, hope that doctor's appointment yesterday for your
husband went fine. If he has to have surgery, he would
be recovered in time for the school year to begin. I
think you mentioned once that he is a teacher.

Carrie, I loved the "food confession" thread you be-
gan on Sunday! Wonder why it is chocolate chips - or
anything - that seems to get us started. :)

Laura, it is good that your future DIL is a good fit
for the family. I think that is what you mentioned
earlier. I am sure she is excited, as you are, about
the coming wedding.

Cheryle, how good that you were able to get medical
attention for your son before you take your trip. It is more than unpleasant to be travelling with a child
who doesn't feel well. Is he excited about his first
plane trip? You will be busy today with all that
packing, I am sure. Is the airport in your town, or do
you have to drive to another city to the airport?

Pat, we are missing your daily input. Hope you are
enjoying your time with family.

Kim, somehow I thought this was your week of vacation,
but I remember now that you were trying to get your
boss ready for HIS vacation. It sounds like your stay-
cation should be lots of fun.

Maaj, hang in there, and just take one day at a time.

Tobe, you always have some good words and suggestions
for us.

Well, there are others I have left out, I am sure. To
all of you, have a great day, and hope you will be
able to make it an OP day!


Re: Daily Committment Thread - 7/8/08

Wow Nellie, you have quite the memory to mention so many details for everyone - how sweet you are!

I am at work and OP.

We bought a new bed last night, after trying out several we ended up going with a "Kingsdown", pricey, but very, very comfy (like lying "in" the mattress, instead of "on" it) and we were both able to agree on it. Thankfully it will be delivered today, I have not really slept for the past 2 nights, one night on the couch and the other on the futon, neither was comfortable, my back & neck are bothering me and it's given me a headache - I plan on sleeping like a baby tonight!

I wish everyone a great day!

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 7/8/08

Nellie, you're good! I couldn't remember all the stuff you do about people. I think the best thing about our new daughter in law, to be, is that she's crazy about our son. That's what every mother wants is someone who truly loves their son and will treat him with respect. She also has a love for God and that's very important to us. I could go on and on about her but don't want to bore you all with it.

I went blueberry picking yesterday and got lots of them. They charged us $1.50 a lb. that's pretty good considering a lb is a little more than a qt. They are big and yummy. I gave a couple of neighbors a bag ea. of them. I'll freeze some also.

I'm OP today, very rainy here in Michigan. I have to go pay the florist and the church in a bit and then take my granddaughter to her piano lesson.

I think it might have been you Nellie that said I should get one of the battery operated fans to hold at the wedding, that's a good idea but don't know if it would be too loud or not.


Re: Daily Committment Thread - 7/8/08

I am here too! LOL Yes, scott has a hernia and will need surgery. We meet with the surgeon on Thursday morning and they will give us all the details about how it works and how long he will need to recover. He is taking it well. I am glad we found out now...

I am following all the threads, I just don't seem to have much time to post lately, and I apologize for that. I am thinking of all of you and hopefully things will slow down soon.

Thanks for all your kind words.


Re: Daily Committment Thread - 7/8/08

Well, Uki. We have been there before. :( The surgery
for my DH was done as out patient, but he still had to
have that recovery period. Here's hoping everything
will go well.

Laura, I didn't make the suggestion of the battery-
operated fan, but we have been through a wedding in
the summer time, at a site where air-conditioning
was not provided. :( We were just thankful there were
none of those scattered thunder storms popping up.

In a "former life," I was involved in doing some ca-
tering, making cakes, frostings, etc. from scratch.
I know the humidity one summer would try to "do a num-
ber" on the cakes. Not a lot of fun to have to do the
touch up.

Our blueberries are bearing better than they ever have
and we are enjoying them. We don't have anywhere near
the number needed for a pick-your-own location, but it
will be good to be able to have some for the freezer.

I really need to get back to work around here. I am so
taken by this kind of communication on the computer
that I fear I am spending too much time with it. :(

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 7/8/08

hello. was a okay day today. Made it through the day today just fine. Tonight we are finishing the deck I hope. Then we will start on the front sidewalk. End of july we have a 5 day vacation to the black hills planned and i cant wait to get away!!!

Hope everyone is having a great night