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Daily Committment Thread- 7-9-08

I guess I'll start this today. I'm OP and going to weigh in on Thursday this week instead of Friday. With it being wedding week I have tons of stuff to do. I'm getting ready to go meet with the restaurant that we're having the rehearsal dinner at, then going shopping for last minute things. I'm taking my mom along because I love doing things with her.

Looks like a beautiful day here in Michigan, wish this were Sat. with the sunny skies and low humidity and degrees. Oh well, can't have everything we want, right? I'll survive. Hope everyone has a great day.


Re: Daily Committment Thread- 7-9-08

Laura, how funny! You know what they say about great
minds running in the same channel. :)

Hope you have had a good day with all the things that
need to be done before the wedding. It's a shame we
can't order the weather we need for certain events. :(
Maybe the week-end will be all right.


Re: Daily Committment Thread- 7-9-08

Thanks Nellie, It's an exciting week and whatever the weather, I'll survive. But I'm praying for a cold