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Daily Commitment thread July 11

Good Morning Everyone. Up and off to work this morning. Every one else in the house is fast asleep because DH wont be working Fridays in July. He will get to spend some time with his daughters.

I am feeling much better this morning and last night as well. Had so much energy I stayed up really late cleaning my house so I am a little tierd this morning but it was great to finally have the energy back that I had before I started smoking again.

I has been one week for me and I thank you all for the words of encouragement that help me make it through what they like to call Hell Week.

This weekend we dont have much planned. Today we are going to the dentist and then out to eat to celebrate. I think a day at the pool is in the works but other than that we will probley just sit around the house.

What do you all have planned?

Re: Daily Commitment thread July 11

Good morning!! We had a busy day yesterday with Scott's appointment and oodles of errands.

Scott will be having surgery on August 6th. They will do a laproscopic procedure and recovery will be minimal. He is so relieved, as am I. He will still need to go in for pre-op testing, but that is the last step. And insurance pays 100%!!!! Praise God! :)

Today we are just here at home. The camper needs some repairs, so we will work on that and maybe have a pizza party tonight, with "Mama Uki's" homemade pizza...

Have a good one!

Re: Daily Commitment thread July 11

Hi everyone...I am committed to being OP today...it will be a day of great stress re taking daughter to hospital for testing (angiogram) while her dh takes care of the baby. She is only 29 and in excellent shape and for no apparent reason had a mild stroke a few weeks ago. She's doing fine, but they are just ruling out everything they can with the testing. Since I am so newly and tentatively OP after a series of relapses, I don't want to fall back into old habits to cope with the stress...have my bag packed with healthy OP stuff so I am not at the mercy of the hospital cafeteria or waiting room, where I will be spending most of the day. Wish my daughter luck...I don't know whether to hope they find something so we'd have some answers or hope they don't, but so far she's pretty fully recovered and doing extremely well. I did great OP yesterday and am resuming my workout program too. Take care and have a good day, everyone, maajida

Re: Daily Commitment thread July 11

I will do my best to be OP today. We have a luncheon with the bride, bridesmaids, mothers, and grandmas. Then tonight we have the rehearsal dinner. It's so hot here, I feel like I'm going to melt. One more day, and my baby won't be mine anymore Oh well, I'm very excited to be getting a daughter, especially one as sweet and adorable as she is. Have a great day everyone.


Re: Daily Commitment thread July 11

At work and OP - hooray my last day at work for a week

Chelsie - Congrats on your first week as a Non-Smoker!
Uki - Glad to hear that it should be a fairly simple procedure and easier recovery for your hubby!
Maajida - Keeping you and your daughter in my prayers!
Laura - You have a very busy exciting weekend with the wedding, remember to take a step back and a deep breath and enjoy every moment!

I posted my weigh-in results on the other link, down 1 lb, not exactly what I was hoping for, but better than another gain.

I will be on my "staycation" next week and will not be checking-in - so I wish you all a great OP week and luck with your weigh-in's

Re: Daily Commitment thread July 11

Morning everyone! Another busy day is in store for all of us it looks like.

It's so humid today where I am. Ugh! I'd like to go swimming today for sure!

I feel like heading down to McD's for lunch and trying that Southwest Chicken Salad of theirs.

Hope everyone has a great OP day!