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Daily committment thread for 7-12-08

Good morning and welcome to another OP day! WE have a busy one today. Bike ride, then off to a tractor festival and flea market before it gets too hot!!

Have a good one!

Re: Daily committment thread for 7-12-08

A tractor festival?? Now that sounds like fun...what's it like? I am glad to be checking in for an OP day. Yesterday was pretty stressful...spend all in hospital with my daughter who was having an angiogram, after an unexplained stroke a few weeks ago at age 29 and in excellent shape. All tests have come out fine so far...and she recovered well. It will be a hectic weekend taking care of her amd her baby after the test - since an artery was involved, she has to be very careful in her movements for a few days until it heals. I did well OP yesterday with some careful planning and allowing some good OP treats...I am looking forward to another OP day. Take care, Maajida

Re: Daily committment thread for 7-12-08

Morning ladies

went to the grocery store yesterday and stocked up on op foods getting ready to get back in the groove. We had dentists appt. for the whole family yesterday and then we went shopping for school supplies and stuff for our black hills trip. Today I hope to clean the basement. My husband and some other guys from work are taking all the kids swimming

hope you all have a great day!!

Re: Daily committment thread for 7-12-08

Ok ladies this is the big day. My baby will be married at 5:00. We woke up to a hot, cloudy, rainy day
but we're going to make the best of it. Hopefully it will be done raining by 5:00. The rehearsal went well last night and the dinner was good. I didn't stay OP yesterday and knowing me I won't today either, just a little confession there. I'm looking forward to the reception so I can relax. Please say a prayer for me today, I sure could use one.


Re: Daily committment thread for 7-12-08

Good evening ladies. Uki my kids dont start school till the 27th of august but we were in sioux falls and they had all the school supply sales going on so I just tried to remenber every thing on the list and I did pretty good except I forgot the kleenexes!! Got so much done today ladies. I have forgotten what it is like to have energy.
Got my basement cleaned. Laundry done. Winter clothes ready to go to a consignment shop. Went swimming for a little bit. Made steak and potatoes on the grill with fruit for dessert. And got my back porch chairs stained. I felt like I got alot accomplished.
Well I hope you all had a good day see you tomorrow!!