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Daily committment thread for 7-13-08

Good morning and happy Sunday! We have church this morning and then we meet some friends in a campground about an hour away for a praise and worship concert. Scott is playing with their praise team and he really enjoys it. There will be pizza there (gulp!) and lots for the kids to do too. Anna is taking a friend with her. This is the sweetest little girl and we have been working to try to get the family to church...

Laura, how did things go yesterday???? I hope the weather was okay.

Chelsie, has your body adjusted to quitting? I can only imagine how hard that it.

Maaj, thanks for asking about the tractor festival! LOL It was really fun.

Nellie, good work on all the walking - you are doing so well.

Carrie, is your little guy feeling 100% yet?

Warm welcomes to anyone I missed! :)


Re: Daily committment thread for 7-13-08

Morning everyone!

Uki - My little one is ALL BETTER!! I'm glad, so far, whatever he had is not spreading to the rest of us.

I'm getting ready for church. I teach S.S. and we have 2 birthday's this morning we are celebrating. They requested donuts! Ugh! Why donuts. I'm going to try and resist...they are so not point worthy anymore, ya know?

I haven't the slightest idea what I'm going to fix for lunch or dinner yet...that could be dangerous...but I'm going to try my best to be OP today. For some reason, the last 2 Sundays have really been a struggle--as I'm looking at my journal.

I'm going swimming at my mom's tomorrow. I went to try on bathing suits last night. Kohls had them 50% off; but most everything was already picked over. The good news; my old one is still nice and it's a size smaller than what I thought it was...so why spend the money on something else, right?

Have great day everyone!

Re: Daily committment thread for 7-13-08

morning everyone. It is a beautiful morning here in iowa. A cold front moved in yesterday and took all the humidity with it thank goodness.

Its just me and the girls today. We will probley just hang out and maybe get some things ready for our trip in a week as well. DH will be home later tonight he had a dirt bike race today.

Uki my body is adjusting quite nicely to not smoking. I feel so run down when I smoke it is horrible. This weekend was kinda tough beacuse we were out side alot but we made it. Dh is having alot harder time than I but it usually is that way. He will be at the race all day today and that is very hard for him so I will be thinking about him alot.

Hope you all have a gr eat day!

Re: Daily committment thread for 7-13-08

Uki and everyone else who is interested, things went very well. The wedding was beautiful, the rains held off and it was muggy but nothing we couldn't deal with. The only thing that was bad is that one of her grandmothers got lost on the way to the church and so she was late and held up the wedding by 10 minutes or so. She finally made it and things got started. The reception was a blast, had a delicious dinner and dancing. No alcohol was served and lots of people were saying it was one of the most fun receptions they had been to. The DJ was awesome, I said see, you can still have a great time with no alcohol. Thanks for asking and thanks for your prayers Uki, I felt them.