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Daily Committment Thread 7/14/08

Was there something wrong with the site today?? Tried to get to it several times with no luck. Glad to be here to post being OP today. Maajida

Daily Committment Thread 7/14/08

I couldn't get on earlier today either. I'm glad to see it's up and running again.


Re: Daily Committment Thread 7/14/08

I was able to get on this morning early but I havent tried any other time today until now.

Went and weighed in at an actual meeting today and I am up a total of 5.6 since my last meeting I went to which was a month ago. I had just weighed in at home since I couldnt get to my meeting on wendsday because of work. I will switch my weigh in day to monday for a couple weeks since I will weigh in on that day at a different site.

On the positive side 5.6 in a month isnt bad at all Last time I quit I gained 18 in a month!!!!

I hope everyone had an okay day

See you all tommorrow.