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Daily Commitment Thread July 15

Good morning everyone.

I am up and off to work this morning a little later than usual. I normally work from 7-5 but today I am working from 11-9. So I get to go see my kids do swimming lessons for a little bit.

Been pretty busy getting ready for our trip. It is no small feat packing for three little girls that want everything you can imagine along!!

I'll post more later

Re: Daily Commitment Thread July 15

I am in for the day too - another busy one!

Re: Daily Commitment Thread July 15

Count me in too....if should be easy for me today...I don't feel like eating anything! I'm so nauseated this morning. Think I'm coming down with something. The thought of food is making me want to gag! That's totally not normal for me, LOL!

Have great day everyone.

Re: Daily Commitment Thread July 15

Well, I will take a few minutes to check in with all
of you.

Whew! What a week-end! We decided to take a trip to
visit our oldest daughter, about 200 miles away. She
usually has a "to do" list, but this time we worked
in a visit to a nearby lovely tearoom and my first ever visit to a Whole Foods store.

The return trip took over twice as long due to the
closing of the Interstate because of an accident in-
volving a tanker truck carrying a hazardous load. In
fact, the Interstate was not reopened until Monday
morning from mid-afternoon on Saturday! It was a real

The best thing is that although we were travelling and
in the car for a longer time, I had those OP foods all
ready to eat! The mini-bagels with WW cream cheese,
Fiber One cereal, double fiber bread with peanut butter, WW yogurt, a banana, boiled eggs, and WW string cheese all helped me stay OP!!

This weight-loss journey just stretches on into main-
tenance. It seems to be getting easier than it was for

Hope all of you are having a good day.


Re: Daily Commitment Thread July 15

Good morning everyone! It feels so good to come here and post of my committment to being OP today. My daughter is doing well (6 weeks ago had an unexplained stroke at the age of 29 and in good health) and has recovered fully, and I am really treasuring each OP day as I calm down and re-focus and re-center myself. I have a long way to go, but feel headed in the right direction. Have a great day everyone! Maajida

Re: Daily Commitment Thread July 15

It is so good to back with all of you. We got home last evening. 2 weeks away from home is a long time. Today has been doing laundry, cleaning out the camper etc. Did find time to go to quilt club this morning. I couldn't resist getting on the scale this AM. Even though I know that I usually retain fluid when we travel (9 hours in the truck yesterday). To my surprise I'm almost exactly (within a couple tenths) of where I was when we left. The WW program seems to work even when you have some times of not being in control of your food. When there was nothing on plan for me to eat I tried to watch the portion sizes. Guess it paid off. I have until Thurs. AM before I officially get weighed.


Re: Daily Commitment Thread July 15

Well everyone seems to be so busy. sometimes I wish the snow and cold were here beacuse a nice night at home with movie and popcorn and no reason to go out side sounds good. But with three little girls I dont get that in the summer unless it rains.!!

Carrie I hope you are feeling better

Nellie thanks for the great snack Ideas I love bagels and cream cheese I think I will bring that along for my dinner and save a little money eating out.

maaj--glad to hear your daughter is doing good. It can be hard not having awnsers. you are a very strong women and a great mother.

Pat-- welcome back from vacation. I know how you feel having to unpack. You almost need a few days off to recover from vacation!!.

hope everyone else had wonderful days as well.
Thank good ness tommorrow is half way till friday