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homemade Trip snack Ideas

Just wondering if any of you had any ideas of homemade snacks i could make to take on our trip;. I can only eat so much of the prebought snacks and I have been eating what I know how to make with out anyting different in a long time.

Any help would be great!!


Re: homemade Trip snack Ideas

I pop popcorn and take it with me. Gives me a lot to much on for a little points. Also whatever fresh fruit you can cut up and take if you have a cooler handy.

Re: homemade Trip snack Ideas

For our trip I brought so much food that we ended up not even stopping for lunch on our 10 hour trip. For breakfast I took a bowl of cereal and a container of milk. When we stopped for a potty break I poured the milk on the cereal and ate going down the road (DH was driving and eating muffins). Had a bowl of peeled and sectioned oranges, hard boiled eggs, string cheese, popcorn, carrots, peppers cut in strips. Be sure to have plenty of water and diet pop. Grapes make a good snack also.


Re: homemade Trip snack Ideas

thanks guys. I am getting ready to start being op again. I finally feel like I have a handle on my other situation . I dont want to go into vacation thinking i can eat all I want.