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Just started today

Just starting today -- find that I keep coming back to your site -- great stuff.


Re: Just started today

Welcome, this is a very special place...Maajida

Re: Just started today

Ann, welcome. You will get support here. Keep posting and we'll try to help you. Are you doing Weight Watchers?
I'll introduce myself. I'm Pat, a 59 yo woman. I've lost 66 pounds since last April. I live in Western NY.
Maybe the rest of us can do a little intro.


Re: Just started today

Welcom Ann! It is wonderful to have you and I hope you will check back often and join in the daily posts.

We are a nice group - very postive and uplifting. There a a wide variety of ladies here some are still losing, some are maintaining. Some are flex and some are core gals.

Fee free to post anytime with questions - we love to help.

I am Uki. I am 40 and mom to 3 kids. I am a SAHM. I am on maintenance now but still count points. Some things will never change... LOL

Re: Just started today

Welcome! I'm Carrie, live in Indiana, age 34. Been OP (on plan) since Feb. 2007 and have lost around 83 lbs. with another 27 to go.

I'm doing Flex and eat very low carb due to being insulin resistant.

This is a great board with a wonderful group of people!

Just started today

Welcome Ann! Glad to have you----feel free to jump right in. I am pretty new to this MB also, and have found these to be a great bunch of women.

I'm Cheryle and I began my new WW lifestyle on Feb. 10th. I have lost 40 lbs. I am a couple of months shy of 46.


Re: Just started today

Hi, Ann! Welcome to you!

I am Nellie, regained WW Lifetime status in January
2008, and have maintained at from six to eight points
below goalweight since. I am 68 years old, five-years
retired from a career as an elementary school teacher,
and mother of three daughters. My DH and I keep busy in the summer with a large vegetable garden and a few
blueberry bushes alongside. It's a great life!


Re: Just started today

Welcome Ann. I hope you are able to find this board as usefull as I have. It is a great source of strength for me.

My name is Chelsie and I am from Iowa. I rejoined WW this past Febuary after gaining weight back from quitting smoking. I had lost 17 lbs up until the middle of june when I kinda fell off track but I am slowly regaining my momentum. I am 28 years old and Me and my Dh have 3 daughters ranging from 9 to 4.

Hope to see you around the board


Re: Just started today

Oops! Nellie again. I made a typo in the earlier post
here. I meant to say I am holding at 6-8 pounds under
goalweight, not 6-8 points! :)

Hope you have had a good day!