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Nervous about business trip

Hi all! I am newly back OP after a series of relapses and have been pretty well with healthy food and exercise. Am nervous about having to attend a convention with my dh where there are several days worth of breakfast and luncheon buffets and banquets each night. I know the hotel will have a gym and that will help but I am worried about getting out of control when confronted with all the special foods that will be spread out at each meal. Any suggestions or support would be most welcome. Thanks so much, Maajida

Re: Nervous about business trip

Don't get yourself in a panic. I'm sure you will find things you can eat. You might consider having some OP food in your room for breakfast. Even if you have to meet people for meals you might be able to eat something in your room to take the edge off your hunger. Can you find out if there is a frig and micro in your room? Be sure to use the gym and earn some activity points. Remember this is a lifestyle not a diet. If you can't control the type of food, you can control your portions. We are always sure that everyone is watching what we are or aren't eating when in truth everyone is only worrying about themselves.


Re: Nervous about business trip


I will be honest - buffets TERRIFY me! That is the truth. I still have the all you can eat/get your money's worth mentality with them.

Here are a couple thoughts. For breakfast, can you go down, fill your plate and then take it to your room to eat? My thinking is that the further you are from the food, the better. For me it is way easier to plan ahead about what I think I will eat, then take those foods, and "get out of Dodge!" The closer I am to the food, the more I want to start tasting a nibbling. This may even be a possibility for lunch???

The dinner banquets are trickier because you most likely are going to have to eat in the banguet room. I would try to find out ahead of time what is being served. The kitchen will know, it is just a matter of tracking down the information. Plan ahead, stick to your plan, sit FAR away from the buffet and try like anything to engage your self in conversation. If need be, can you excuse yourself to your room? Can you ask another person to take a walk after dinner? Anything to get away until the buffet is cleared.

You can do this, but it will be hard. Just remember to take it 1 meal at a time. If you over eat at one meal, don't throw in the towel on the day. You are only human. And if you see something really yummy that you don't get too often, indulge in a little - this is life and living, not a prison. :)


Re: Nervous about business trip

I'm like Uki - buffets scare me. Even eating out is not really as enjoyable anymore come to think of it...not when you have to constantly worry about how your food is prepared/points/carbs/grease, etc...

Back in April, I had to go out of town for work and I was really worried about staying OP. We didn't have the buffets, we were able to go to the hotel resturant and order off the menu, so I could control things there. Snacks were offered at the conference and fortunately they offered fruit/breakfast bars, rice krispie treats...somewhat "light" point items. Lunch was sort of hard b/c they catered it from places so I just tried to stay away from the fries and control my portions. Dinner, again, we went out, so I ate fish,veggies and hit the gym when I got back to the hotel. It really wasn't so bad and you'll get through it too!!