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wi wensday July 16

chelsie--weighed in on monday due to ww location change this week and I was up 5 lbs since my last formal weigh in about a month ago.

Re: wi wensday July 16

Don't sweat it Chelsie - quitting smoking was much more important. We want you to live a long and healthy life for you and your family. That was priority #1!

Good for you for weighing in and jumping back in the pool.

Hugs to you,

Re: wi wensday July 16

Down 2 lbs. this week for a total of 74.8 (59.8 on WW and 15 before I started WW). 10 lbs. below goal!

Re: wi wensday July 16

Way to go Becky. very impressive stats
Chelsie, you can only handle so much. Concentrate on the smoking and then worry about the food.