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Topic of this week's WW meeting7/17

Topic today was Eating Patterns.
Structured eating- having meals and snacks at the same time every day.
Advantages- Body gets used to being nourished at regular intervals.
Disadvantages- "Life" doesn't always cooperate; you don't get to recognize hunger signals

Unstructured Eating (not unplanned food, just unplanned times)
Advantages-Flexability, can pay attention to hunger cues.
Disadvantage-may go too long without eating and lose control when you do eat

Homework is to discover your eating pattern.
1-write down what and when you eat. Then notice what foods you eat at certain times.
2-Determine your physical satisfaction. That is the key to control
"minimize hunger - maximize satisfaction"
3-make adjustments as necessary.
Also had discussion about energy density. The foods with more water, air and fiber tend to fill us more. Example of a handful of grapes vs. handful of rasins, or popcorn vs. nuts. For the same calorie/point count can get much more volume with low energy dense foods. (this is the basis of Core).

Topic of this week's WW meeting7/17

Pat, I don't think I have told you before, but I always appreciate you posting about the topics of your meetings. They are always interesting. Thanks for taking the time to share them with us.


Re: Topic of this week's WW meeting7/17

The same here, Pat. Although our meeting topics are
similar, it is obvious you have paid better attention
than I ever do. :)

It is good to have you back!