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Daily commitment for 7/18/08

Guess everyone is busy this morning. Hope you are all enjoying whatever you are doing.
This will be another OP day for me. Just got back from a walk with DH and will spend the better part of the day in the sewing room.
Went to friends last night for a cookout and watched the James Bond movie Goldfinger. I did have some "Light" popcorn (not the 93% FF kind). So guess that is where I spent my AP from yesterday's exercise.
Everyone have a good day and weekend. Tomorrow is our local Homecoming with parade, antique car show and antique flea market. Hope the weather holds out.


Daily commitment for 7/18/08

After a week of being on vacation, and not OP, I am back home today and OP. It will be a challenge at first, I'm sure, not eating all of the stuff I allowed myself to eat over the last week, but will march on.


Re: Daily commitment for 7/18/08

Hello, all!

Pat, it sounds like you will be busy with that sewing.
The Homecoming sounds like fun.

Cheryle, the hardest part will probably be the begin-
ning, but I am sure you will be able to get back on

We have been busy this morning and have canned seven
pints of tomatoes. There are more to come in a few
days. Also picked another quart of blueberries. They
will go in the freezer. :)

Hope everyone has a great Friday and a good week-end!


Re: Daily commitment for 7/18/08

Hello everyone. I'm enjoying an OP day here at work.

Re: Daily commitment for 7/18/08

hello everyone. After a great day yesterday I kinda sunk it today but I think it was the end of the week blues because now that I am home for the weekend my stress level is totally down.

See you all later

Re: Daily commitment for 7/18/08

Chels- take the weekend and regroup. Remember we don't have to react to stress with food. We all fall into that trap. Next week will be better.