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First Time on a Message Board!

Aimee, your web site is fantastic! I'm a 51 year old professional dieter who started WW one week ago for the fourth or fifth time. Had a great week with a loss of 6.5 the first week but totally fell off the wagon today. Back on starting tomorrow morn!!! I need support!

Re: First Time on a Message Board!

Welcome Polarbear! We are delighted to have you join. Feel free to join in on the daily posts for commitment and exercise.

We welcome any input you have and are here to support one another. :)


Re: First Time on a Message Board!

Thanks for the reply. This is all new to me but I realize I need the support like everyone else. Right now I'm over 100+ pounds overweight and it's affecting my health. I currently have high blood pressure and plantar fasciitas in both feet which is preventing me from walking like I want to. Hopefully, both these conditions will improve as I lose weight.

Re: First Time on a Message Board!

Polarbear, glad to meet you. Keep posting here and we will give you support. When I started WW 16 months ago I needed to lose 125 pounds. I'm down 65. I am also a "Professional dieter". I'm a 59 yo nurse, wife and mother of 1. I live in Western NY. You say you can't walk, do you have access to a pool? Working out in the water has been a lifesaver for me.


Re: First Time on a Message Board!

Wecome to a very special place, Polarbear.....it means so much to come here and get all this wonderful unconditional encouragement and support. I'm working on a 90 lb. loss myself....two thirds of the way there....the last third has been very stubborn, but the wonderful people here have encouraged me not to give up. I'll be away for a few days, but look forward to getting to know a new friend here. Maajida

Re: First Time on a Message Board!

Wow!!! So many responses. Thanks to you all. I'm 51 years old. Just recently resigned from being a church secretary due to carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and my plantar fasciitas. I'm a wife and mother of two, a 17 year old daughter and a 22 year old son. I live in Frankfort, KY. I look forward to corresponding with you all.

First Time on a Message Board!

Welcome Polarbear! This is a great place to come for support and friendship. These ladies have been very helpful and supportive to me and I know they will you too. Stop by anytime. We welcome all comments and support.


Re: First Time on a Message Board!

Welcome Polarbear! Glad you've decided to join in. Feel free to post anytime. :)