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Daily committment thread for 7-19-08

Sorry I missed everyone yesterday. It was a busy day.

We wound up at Long John Silver's for dinner. UGH! Talk about no good options. Sigh. I did the best I could and that was that. I am not worried about it in the least. I will earn extra AP's today and stay Op as well and it will balance out. I have found that maintenance for me is a constant up a pound/down a pound situation. But I am still under goal, so I am fine with that. I know there will be times that I cannot control where we eat, and I must just deal with it. This is real life. LOL

So, today we ride our bikes early before it gets too hot and I am not sure what else we will do. Maybe a trip to the mall to walk around? The kids enjoy that and it is extra Ap's for me for walking. :)

What are your plans today?

Re: Daily committment thread for 7-19-08

Good morning. I didn't get up early enough to walk with DH and neighbor. Today is Homecoming in the village. We have to be up there soon to help set up the antique car show, then I have to work the sales booth for the Historical Society from 2-4. Will look around the antique and craft shows and watch the parade. May come back home for a few hours before I have to work. I'm going to make a lunch to take with me since hot dogs will be the meal of the day. It's supposed to be in the 90's today (ugh!!).
I'm trying really hard to stay off the scale this week. Last week I was sure I had lost up until the morning of weigh in when I got on the scale and it said I had gained 5 overnight. When I went to WW I had gained 1 1/2. So guess the scale isn't worth much except to make me more crazy.

Have a good weekend.

Re: Daily committment thread for 7-19-08

Good morning and good bye...so glad to come here to committ to being OP...we leave in a short while to go on a business trip with my husband....yikes, catered meals and banquets every day for 5 days!! But with the support and encouragement that I've gotten here, and being so determined to be back OP after a series of relapses, I look forward to coming back the 24th. and checking in and reporting that I was OP with care and flexibility while away. Take care and have some great days while I am gone, everyone. Maajida