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Old WW recipes--

Hi, My name is Rosemary--I belonged to WW back in 1969,and joined many more times--Looking for some old favorite WW recipes--One was a Zuchhini soup , that 1/2 was pureed in the blender--then a dessert that was made in the blender, with Knox gelatin, dry milk, water, ice, flavorings-and then something called egg cream, made with some soda and dry milk--Was wondering if anyone belonged back then and remembers these recipes. Thanks. Rosemary

Re: Old WW recipes--

I was a WW'er back in '69 with you.

let me ask you one thing?
why would you want to use the old, when theres so
much more out today for us to use....

Dry milk, alba, carnation, don't even think
those products exist any longer..

if your going to WW meetings, theres so much available, and the its so easy..

Back then, it was hard, and I would never want to go back again.
I remember when we had to make our own ketchup using a can of tomato juice, some seasonings and cook it till it boiled down... uck!!!! it was nasty stuff

and the shakes made with alba/carnation, extract,
water, ice and sweet and low... saccarin back then.

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Re: Old WW recipes--

Rosemary, welcome to a great group of women. Can't help you with the recipes. I was in Diet Workshop back then. I have a couple recipes that I really liked and am trying to remember how to make. Tobe is right that the food is so much better now but sometimes your mind remembers something and really wants the old taste.
Keep posting so we can get to know you.


Re: Old WW recipes--

I remember Alba too - I LOVED it!! LOL It made such good shakes. I am afraid I don't have these recipes either, but perhaps someone else will. I know what you mean about getting a taste for something... It doesn't matter if there are other options nowadays. Sometimes you want something that you remember from days gone by and that is the only thing that will do! :)