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Weigh In for Sun 7/20

Down 2.

Re: Weigh In for Sun 7/20

Stayed exactly the same as last week! Usually I am up one week and down the next, but this time I maintained for 2 weeks in a row! :)

Re: Weigh In for Sun 7/20

Congrats to both of you. Any loss or even staying the same seems like a win to me.


Re: Weigh In for Sun 7/20

Way to go, Carrie! I know you are happy with that!

Uki, it is great to be able to maintain! Good news!

Re: Weigh In for Sun 7/20

congratulations!! how long have you been at it? I am 8weeks into it. Starting to struggle a tad- but doing well. I am hoping to hit 20 pounds this week, i am at 19.8. I joined golds gym and worked out for the first time in years this morning. Needless to say i am in pain, but feel good. Congrats on the loss!!!

Re: Weigh In for Sun 7/20

Angela - I started WW in Feb. 2007 and have lost now a total of 82 lbs.

Weigh In for Sun 7/20

Carrie & Uki, congratulations! Good job, both of you.


Re: Weigh In for Sun 7/20

That is amazing!!! Hats off to you!!!! I hope i continue and do as well as you have done!!!

Re: Weigh In for Sun 7/20

Angela, I have been on Maintenance for a little over a year now. I am actually below goal by 14.5 pounds. That was NEVER my plan, it just sort of worked out that way. WW changed my life and ny body and eating habits, so I do so many things differently.

Hang in there, you have joined an awesome site and you will find so many positive things here.