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Daily committment thread for 7-21-08

Hello Ladies!! I hope everyone had a blessed Sunday. We sure did! Church was good, weigh - in was good too. I maintained for 2 weeks in a row and am still down 14.5 pounds under goal. Yay!!

The afternoon was lazy. Our neighbor's house is for sale and they had an open house, so we went over to see the house. I was always curious about it. They were not personable, so we had never been inside. It is VERY nice, but a little small.

Last night we has sirloin steak for dinner and that was good and watched the Spiderwick Chronicles. The kids liked that.

I did find some resources for Sunday school and sent the links to my pastor's wife. That was a good thing too.

Plans today? A bike ride with Scott and chores, I guess. Not much else. LOL How about you?


Re: Daily committment thread for 7-21-08

Good morning. Just back from my 3 1/2 mile walk with DH and neighbor. It is hot and humid. Looks like rain again. Yesterday was rain with sometimes high winds. I spent the afternoon in the sewing room and will do so again today. Have to get more purses made for craft shows.
I started making a menu for this week. Concentrated on suppers. Need to go grocery shopping but want to try to empty the freezer. Of course if I keep finding bargins like I did last week my freezer will stay full. I had bought a pound of 93% lean gr. beef for $4,69 a pound. The next day at another store I saw they had it on sale for 2.69. Went in and they had some reduced that needed to be frozen by the next day for 1.99. I bought all they had. I think I may make a salad tonight and put fake crab on it. I love that stuff and it is Core. I'm lucky that DH has no problem with salad for supper.
I found a recipe for a spinach pie that I'm going to make and have for lunches.
Well, guess I've rambled enough. Hope everyone has a good day.


Re: Daily committment thread for 7-21-08

Spinach Pie?? Care to share the recipe? Sounds good!

Thanks, Susie

Re: Daily committment thread for 7-21-08

Hi All,

Well I am back from my "staycation", all in all in was really pretty good, the weather cooperated, we hit the beach a few times, laid by our pool, saw a movie, hung out with friends and my daughter came home from school for a few days which was an extra special surprise.
The only bad part was we had to put our dog, Tazz, down, he was 13 and developed a tumor in his tummy and had a really bad hip problem. It was so hard, but part of the territory when you have pets, it was not the first time we had to do it and I'm sure it will not be the last either.

I gained 1.5 pounds, but I am really okay with that, I made the conscience decision that I was not going to stress over a few points while on vacation, and I didn't - we ate, drank and were merry!

I am back at work and back on plan - so swamped at work, it always amazes me that no one thinks to take the initiative to even open some mail at the office while I'm out - it's business mail, it's not like I receive personal mail here - oh well, I'm going to let it stress me my first day back.

I have not had a chance to read all the posts for the last week, however, I did notice that Aimee posted and that there are a few new names - that's exciting! I hope everyone had a great week!

Re: Daily committment thread for 7-21-08

Hi all! I'm enjoying a day off and getting tons of laundry done. Also, I'm spending time with my boys.

I had been looking for Newman's Southwest Ranch (the one that comes with that S.W. Salad from McD's) and finally found it..so I made me a salad and a chicken burger for lunch. Was Yummy!

Have great day everyone.

Daily committment thread for 7-21-08

Hello everyone. This is the first chance I have had to get on the computer today. I started out the day with a 4 mile walk. I have stayed OP the past couple of days, which has been really hard after a week of vacation where I ate not OP. I had an appointment this morning at a consignment shop to take in my clothes. I cleared out the closet of all my big clothes since I am determined to not wear them ever again.

I spent the time after that buying some school supplies for the boys. School here starts in less than 3 weeks. Yuck!! I'm not ready to go back and the boys certainly aren't.

Well, that's pretty much my day. Nothing exciting.

Have a great week!


Re: Daily committment thread for 7-21-08

Busy, busy days are ahead here. Today we were busy
with canning more tomatoes - 14 pints this time. :)

Cheryle, our school begins on August 11. I seem to
keep up with that date, even though I have retired
from teaching school. :)

This is the week that my UMW activities begin, ending
on the week-end with that high school reunion. I will
be very surprised if I have time to be online at all.

Uki, I have always relied on the materials published
by my own denomination to get information for teaching
groups at church. So, I am not any help in your search
for literature/study possibilities. We have a Bible
study that is pretty thorough and intense and requires
special training for the teachers.

Pat, it is good to see you back from your trip and
posting. I am anxious to try that spinach pie.

Carrie, we have no Aldi store in our area. Kroger, In-
gles, and Food City are our major ones, plus some nice
specialty and organic markets.

Everyone have a great week!

Re: Daily committment thread for 7-21-08

Evening everyone. Been kinda down in the dumps lately. Really wanting to get back on op but having a hard time doing it. Having a hard tome finding that motivation I lost. Maybe that wagon that was around awhile back will make another pass by and pick me back up.

See you all tomorrow