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happy day:)

Hello everyone! I woke up so motivated this morning, I absolutly love this website!!! I tried one of aimee's recipes for the first time last night- twinkie dessert- i think thats what its called and it was amazing. It completely satisfied my sweet tooth which is rare, i can't wait to try more of her recipes. Soon i am going to work out ( for the 2nd day) i joined a gym- i'm a little less excited about that but i'm goin to do it!!!!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

happy day:)

Angela, I LOVE reading the enthusiasm in your posts. Keep it up.


Re: happy day:)

Thank you Cheryl!! I am re-finding it here on this website!!!:)

Re: happy day:)

Angela, congratulations on joining the gym. As you get into doing both aerobic exercise and strength training you will find that you can almost say you enjoy it. Does your gym have a pool? That is my lifesaver. I walk the days that I don't go to the pool. It's great to hear the enthusiasm in your posts. I made 2 new recipes today. Will try them tomorrow and report on them.


Re: happy day:)

Angela, you are an inspiration to all of us!! Thank you for joining in. :)