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Dinner last night......

We made what i thought was an amazing dinner last night so i had to share-- it has now turned into my lunch for today.
i took center cut pork chops- pounded them out. Seasoned them with lawreys,salt, pepper, burts butt rub and grilled em. Put them on a lite wheat bun with dill pickles, sliced onion, and spicy brown mustard- 5 points, WOW were they great.
then to go along with it, i made
We sorta made this up but we love it. You spray a 9 by 13 pan with pam, layer eggplant, green and yellow zuccini, onion, garlic salt or powder we use salt. Part skim mozzerella chz, repeat 2 times, cover with foil- bake at 375 for an hour. WONDERFUL- it is so so good. 5 points as well!! YUM

Dinner last night......

Angela, both of those sound really good. Thanks for the ideas.


Re: Dinner last night......

I will try that eggplant recipe! I LOVE LOVE LOVE eggplant. MMmmmmmmmm