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A new Aldi find

For those of you that have an Aldi in your area you should give these a try if you haven't already. I found these Chicken Burger's in the Fit/Active brand. You get 4 in the box for 3.99 and you just fry them in skillet from frozen with some non-stick cooking spray. They have original, garlic/herb (which I bought and LOVE) and a cheddar/bacon (which my sister LOVES). The garlic/herb ones come out to be 3 pts. I put it on a 1 pt. bun with lettuce/tomato with a salad for lunch. They are really big too...it's a big sandwich for 4 points! Thought I'd share...

Re: A new Aldi find

That sounds really really good!!!!! Our aldi store was destroyed in the flood. I am bummed.

Re: A new Aldi find

They sound good Carrie I will have to try those, always looking for something new!

Thanks, Susie

A new Aldi find

Darn, wish we had an Aldi's. They certainly sound like something worth trying.


Re: A new Aldi find

Thank you for sharing this. I am a total Aldi shopper. Someone had posted about them having low point wraps too, but I couldn't find them and was so disappointed. I will look for these burgers though. BTW, has anyone else found the wraps and if so where were they? I looked in the bread section and the refigerated section with the specialty type items and the cheese and butter, etc.


Re: A new Aldi find


I cannot find any wraps either here in Indiana.

Re: A new Aldi find

Thanks Carrie. I was so bummed!