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Daily committment thread for 7-22-08

Good morning! How is everyone? If sure sounds like folks are keeping busy!

I am delighted to see new faces checking in. Welcome to all of you!

I had a mixed up day yesterday. At lunch time, I was famished! I mean, I just couldn't get enough to eat. I think all this exercise was catching up with me and I ate a lot more than usual over the course of the day. I am not going to get upset about it, because it is not the occasional day of overeating that made me fat before - it was eating like that all the time. I have also learned to trust my body and there are times that is requires more food. So that being said, today is a new day and I am going to try to not overeat. I don't feel as hungry today so it shouldn't be a problem.

No plans for today really. We bough a "new" couch off Craig's List last night so today we get the old one out and rearrange the living room. The new one is a sectional and the old one was a couch and love seat, so we will need to arrange things differently. This could be fun! :) I have wanted a new couch for sometime.

What are you up to today?


Re: Daily committment thread for 7-22-08

Good morning. Today will be another OP day for me. I didn't get up in time for morning walk with DH. Will go to the gym. There is a great high aerobic water exercise class that I'll go to. Need to get back to the weights also.
I really need to clean house and do laundry but there always seems to be other things I would rather do.
I took my measurements this morning. Did it last the end of May. I was surprised that there really wasn't any change even though I'm in a size smaller pants. I still haven't gotten on the scale this week. It gets harder each day not to check.
Well, guess I should accomplish something before I go off to the gym.

Have a good day


Re: Daily committment thread for 7-22-08

Hi All,

I am at work and OP. It really does feel good to be fully back OP after vacation and splurging for more than one day. Our bodies are amazing, they recognize what is good for them and what is not. It has been this WW journey that has really helped me to recognize it as well!

Still digging my way out of all that piled up while I was out of the office, but I am seeing a little light up ahead - I hope to be caught up by the end of the day!

Have a great day!

Re: Daily committment thread for 7-22-08

I too am at work. Traveling between 2 of our locations today. Anyhow, I stopped at home and grabbed lunch so I wouldn't be tempted to eat out today. Tonight, my son and I are getting hair cuts and he has a late appt. with the dentist; I think he might have lost his filling or something. Anyway, always somewhere to be, right?

Not sure what I'm cooking for dinner yet, probably something quick.

Have great day everyone--I'm loving reading the new posts from all these new folks!!