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I am so happy!! I am on my 3rd day of excersize!!! What is quite an accomplishment for me!!!!! I went to the gym monday. Last night i went jogging- yikes- probebly only 3/4 mile- my legs hurt. But its a good hurt. Today i just got back ran 1.5 miles on tread mill and did a full round in the machines!!! I feel GREAT!!!! I weigh in tom. a.m. i am crossing my fingers to hit that 20 pounds..... HAVE A SUPER DAY ALL!!!!!!

Re: excersize

way to go Angela. I love your enthusiam. If you're like me you probably never thought you would enjoy hurting after exercise. Keep up the good work.


Re: excersize

I'm looking forward to your weigh in tomorrow...good luck. Just remember no matter what...remember how good you felt exercising and eating well and that is all that matters sometimes!


Congratulations Angela! You are doing great!! Keep it up and certainly keep up the enthusiasm you have going for you.