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Daily commitment 7/24

I didn't see the thread, but this board is hoppin this morning!!

I'm obviously up and at it. I took the boys early to camp/daycare and had made myself an 8:45 appt. to have my eyebrows waxed and my stylist was late...so I had to leave b/c I had to get on to work.

Anyhow, I'm OP today. The meat I was planning on fixing tonight for dinner has been recalled (oh joy) so I have to take it back to the store and work on a PLAN B for dinner. Glad we didn't eat it before I saw the news...that wouldn't have been good!

Re: Daily commitment 7/24

what kind of meat was that..... yikes!

Re: Daily commitment 7/24

Hamburger sold to Krogers here in Indiana between end of June and middle of July.

Re: Daily commitment 7/24

I am up too. Busy, busy here. I have gotten my bike ride out of the way, now time for chores. Blech!

Re: Daily commitment 7/24

Just got home. Had to work this AM from 6:30 til 9 AM. Then to WW and stop at grocery. I took my breakfast with me this AM. Couldn't face food at 5:30 AM. Ate in my car before work. Need to pack the camper for the weekend. We were going to leave today but the weather here is awful so will stay home tonight. I've got food ready so I can stay OP while we are gone.
Everyone have a good weekend.


Re: Daily commitment 7/24


I am once again at work and OP.

I have weigh-in tomorrow, I am feeling pretty confident about dropping the 1.5 I gained while on vacation, I'll keep my fingers crossed though and eat very light today.

Have a good one!

Daily commitment 7/24

I got my 4 mile walk/run in this morning, but haven't been too productive since. I don't know why, but just really don't want to tackle the house, laundry, etc. today. So I'm hanging out here. I do have to leave at some point today to buy groceries, but I really don't want to do that either. I'm just in a rut today, I guess.


Re: Daily commitment 7/24

so glad to post here after being gone about 6 days....stayed OP, but not deprivingly so and worked out every day I was away at a convention with my dh. Will read all the posts and catch up later today. maajida