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WW meeting topic week of July 21

This week's meeting was kind of a waste. The topic what how to dress so you look slimmer now. The suggestions were what we have all heard over the years. There were a few good ideas such as gving away all your Too big clothes (Chelsie see you were right on track with their thinking).
It was interesting how this topic caused a lot of chatter on the WW message board. Many people felt like this was making us think that our bodies aren't good enough like they are, that we have to camoflague them. I didn't take it that way but didn't get much out of it anyway.


Re: WW meeting topic week of July 21

that's disappointing! I usually look forward to my meetings.

Re: WW meeting topic week of July 21

Thank you for sharing the information, Patty.

WW meeting topic week of July 21

Pat, my meeting had the same topic this week. It was pretty lame and disappointing. Especially since it was our last meeting. I didn't take it in a bad way either, just disappointed.