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GOOD MORNING!!!! I hope this all finds you doing well. I am needing some inspiration for the day- anyone have any advise...... My kitchen is torn apart- (we had a pipe burst) and i love to cook- my stove and refridgerator are in the family room, i feel out of sorts..... Advice anyone???

Re: Motivation:)

Ooh man I'm feeling for you. Do you have a bbq? You can bbq some chicken, steak, burger and bbq some french fries with it. I love to do that and you can hang out outside and not in the mess.

BBQ French Fries Recipe

Potatoes (idaho/russett)
healthy oil as needed (depending on how many potatoes you use usually 1/4 cup
garlic salt

mix the oil, garlic salt, rosemary crushed up and pepper together in a big bowl.

Peel and wash potatoes, cut in 8ths so you have wedges. Throw them in the bowl, mix them around then bbq them on med high until cooked through and crispy a bit. YUM-O!

Hang in there! ALTERNATIVE: buy Subway for dinner!