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Just for fun - your best good deal lately?

I am trying to save money so I thought we could each post the best deal we got lately just for fun!

Mine was yesterday - I had a coupon for mechanical pencils. I got three 5-packs for 16 cents!!! Each 5 pack was 5 cents with the coupon and they were even Paper Mate brand! LOL My 8th grader was thrilled because that is the type that are cool to have.

How about you?

Re: Just for fun - your best good deal lately?

Mine would have to be Brennan's next summer outfits - I got 2 piece disney outfits for under $4.00 each...he's set for next year...he better be ready for 4T's; I think he will be.

I also got a box of Whole Grains Hamburger Helper Stroganoff today for 67 cents---I can't tell the difference between it and the regular kind. Must not have been popular or something.

Re: Just for fun - your best good deal lately?

Wow those are awesome deals.

Hmmm. Okay I got myself 4 CD's for $10 bucks! They were 1.99 to 2.99 each. Haven't bought a cd for so long. And they are all awesome!

Re: Just for fun - your best good deal lately?

My best bargin lately was day old 93% ground beef for 1.99/lb. I bought some the day before for 4.99/lb. When I saw it and it had another day for use by/ freeze date I bought all they had. Being on Core that is the only gr. beef I can eat. I always check out the discounted meats. Most have a couple days to use or freeze and are way cheaper.