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Just for fun - money saving tip?

Still looking to save more money over here. How about we share a tip or two on saving money?

I try to use coupons at the store where they double them and when the item in on sale.

I make things like hamburger helper with only 1/2 pound of hamburger - saves money and points. LOL

We borrow movies from the library instead of renting them. The same is true of games for the Playstation.

We switched some of the medicines we take to the ones for $10 for a 3 month supply at Giant Eagle. I also ask for samples from the doctor of new medicines that we are trying so I don't buy a whole month only to find out it doesn't work or we can tolerate it.

We order food monthly from Angel Food ministries.

I shop thrift stores, garage sales and accept hand me downs for clothes for all of us.

I shop the Dollar Stores for cleaners, health and beuty aids, etc.

I buy toys when they are on clearance and put them in a closet for birthday gifts. When a child is invited to a party, they just choose a gift I already have in the closet.

How about you?


Re: Just for fun - money saving tip?

Ok - I didn't realize you could rent playstation games at the library--I'm going to have to go and check that out.

I'm all about saving $$--sounds like we do just about the same things. I'm going to have to put on my thinking cap and see if I can come up with any other ideas.

One thing I do is I shop a season ahead for the boys. I already have Brennan's (my youngest) next summer clothes bought and I got them when they were being clearanced off. Got 2 piece disney outfits for under $4.00 each...I can't afford to pass up deals liek that. Kids resale stores are popular here in Indiana and I can find items that are brand new withe the tags still on them dirt cheap and they often have moonlight madness sales where I can get the stuff even cheaper.

Also, here in Avon, In...I've noticed on Sat. mornings if I shop Walmart's meat dept. they always mark the meat down (manager's special) for less than half the price. I've gotten some great deals on pork chops, hamburger patties, and chicken. I just take it home, through some of it on the grill, in the crock, and freeze or take to work for lunches--and that's another way I save some $$--don't have to eat out or buy those expensive frozen dinners.

Re: Just for fun - money saving tip?

Hmmm.... I do all of those things too, that is so funny! What can I add?????

I make a list of 7-10 meals for the weekly dinners. I have a spreadsheet of every grocery item/toiletry item I usually buy at the store. I print a new one each week, keep it on the fridge and we just mark a number in the box for how many we need (when we run out). Then when it's time to grocery shop I do one check of the list to make sure I don't forget anything we need and head to the store. I don't buy anything that's not on the list. Keeps me honest and has cut my grocery budget by 1/2. I only buy what I need on a weekly basis. We have a family of 5 and I only spend $125 per week for food or any household anything.

I also make homemade wheat bread (grind own wheat) and haven't bought bread from the store for 2 months now. Saves money for me because the whole wheat bread was like 2.50 a loaf and it tastes so much better!

Homemake my own taco seasoning (keep a big jar of it around). Beats the .50 a packet at the store and it tastes better.

Home make my own mac and cheese (found a powdered cheese sauce mix that works just like craft/velveeta)

I do canning once a year-- peaches and pears to last the year. Did apple pie filling yum-0 and I'm going to attempt beans (all the kinds). Will save time not soaking them if you use dry and save the .80 a can to buy them at the store. We'll see how that one goes this next week.

I don't cook dinner or maybe a lunch if there is leftovers in the fridge. There was way too much food going bad because I would keep cooking new meals so we have to finish what's in there so it doesn't spoil and go to waste.

Hmmm...that's how I've shaped up my life with these horrible gas prices and rising cost of groceries.

Anyone else????

Re: Just for fun - money saving tip?

Lisa - how do you make your taco seasoning? Want to share that spreadsheet?

Re: Just for fun - money saving tip?

Carrie---sure. Give me your email address and I can send it to you. OR shoot me an email and I'll respond. lbinggeli@cableone.net

In a bit I'll post the taco seasoning recipe. i'm in a hurry right now

Re: Just for fun - money saving tip?

Hi all. I'm brand new to this message board but I do have both Aimee's cookbooks. GREAT! I'm anxious to read all the messages. I love these money saving tips. Lisa, I would also love to have a copy of your spreadsheet. I have thought of it often but I'm not very good at that type of thing. I would really appreciate it if you could share. Thanks.

Re: Just for fun - money saving tip?

Welcome Prissy! We have had lots of newbies lately. Post often. This is a great support system on here!

Re: Just for fun - money saving tip?

Prissy, let me know your email address and i'll send it over. In word or Excel?

Re: Just for fun - money saving tip?

Welcome Prissy, you kind of came in under the radar. Join in our daily threads.