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Daily committment thread for 7-27-08

Good morning! I am up and planning to get ready for church. I teach my last class with the primary grades this morning. I begin with the teens next month, but not until late in the month. I am supposed to kind of coincide with the start of school. I am really excited about the prospect of working with the older kids!!

This afternoon we take the kids over to our pastor's house. The youth are having a swim party as their outing, and Scott and I were invited to stay and just fellowship a bit. That was a nice invitation and we look forward to just hanging out and talking with them.

That is it for here. How about you? :)

Re: Daily committment thread for 7-27-08

Finally back online. We were at a tractor and gas engine show all weekend. It was something different that I hadn't done much before. We watched tractor pulls and I spent most of the time at our campsite reading. Had a few crafts out for sale but didn't do much. We managed to dodge the thunderstorms that were all around us. I managed to stay pretty much OP for the weekend since I was cooking in the camper. Used some of my WPA for soft ice cream twice. After we got the camper cleaned out today I decided that the freezer needed to be defrosted. I never question when the mood to do some cleaning strikes because it hits so rarely. Now we're home until Friday when we leave for a week in Maine. Guess everyone is busy having a good time today.