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Daily commitment thread for 7-28-08

Slow board yesterday - I guess folks were out and about. :)

The kids had a great time at the youth group swimming party! The adults did too. We got the schedules for all the children's misitries done for the fall, and ordered the currriculum for the primary grades. We opted for David C. Cook for them. We will be ordering the junior high materials, but the Pastor needs to look at the budget first. Their curriculum is more costly because they are workbooks, so we need to double check on what we can afford.

The kids have friends coming over for the day today and they are very excited.

I am going to make popovers this morning for breakfast. I haven't had those in years!

Have a wonderful day!


Re: Daily commitment thread for 7-28-08

Good morning, back from our 3 1/2 mile walk. It is hot and sticky today. No real plans for the day. We'll be going to a big estate sale this AM. The man who died was a great collector of music (he was a church organist) and kitchen stuff. He built an addition on his house that was a giant kitchen. Don't really need anything but have to go look.
Maybe I'll do a little more house cleaning today (maybe not). I'm in the middle of reading a book. "We were the Mulvaneys". It was an Oprah book club book from many years ago. It is very good, so may just sit and read today.
Watched a good movie last night called "The Debaters". About a debating team from a black college in the 30's. It is a true story. Highly recommend it.
Don't know what's on tap for meals today, but I'm sure it will be OP. I'm trying to get in a good position with my weight so that my trip to Maine won't put me back. I won't have control over the noon meals everyday, we will be eating at the soup kitchen. Breakfast we usually eat as a group (our work group) and for dinner we go out someplace. Usually not fancy places until the last night when we go for lobster dinner.
Have a good day everyone.


Daily commitment thread for 7-28-08

Have been on my 4 mile walk this morning. Even at 6:30 am, it was already so humid. Yuck. I don't have any real plans today other than getting haircuts. I plan on going through the boys clothes to see what needs to be replaced for school. They start next Thursday.

Have a good OP weekend everyone!


Re: Daily commitment thread for 7-28-08

Good morning everyone.... I haven't been on here all weekend so I've been catching up on the threads :)
Well I weighed in on Saturday and stayed exactly the same so I am happy about that (I thought I'd gained). I came home and put my scale under the bed, so I am not tempted to use it. I uncovered my eliptical (sp?) and thought I better use it for what it is intended for and not a blanket holder! I got my bike out and taught my dog to run next to me, we rescued her and she has alot of energy, which is good to motivate me to get outdoors with her! The boys ride along too, it's been fun. As for today, I am busy working and taking my little dog to the vet(possibly for surgery). Thank you all again for being here!

Re: Daily commitment thread for 7-28-08

I'm at home today getting some stuff done around the house. I've had a pretty good OP day so far.

Not a lot to report. Just trying to play catch up to all this house work.

Have great day.

Daily commitment thread for 7-28-08

LOL Diane about the scale. That is what I need to do with mine. Everytime I walk into the bathroom, that scale is calling my name. I just need to hide it so I'm not always tempted to step on it.