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weigh in tom

Hi everyone-- i weigh in tommnorrow- i am so nervous- i was off track for the first part of the week- and on from then til now- I know i may gain- i am so worried- and this is even going to sound stranger- i am more worried about reporting back to you guys on this website- brutal honesty---- but i am worried. At any rate i am back on track now- i actually bought a size 14 skirt today---- yippee-- just had to vent for a few goodnite- thanks for all of your support

Re: weigh in tom

Hang in there Angela. We love you no matter what because we all do the same thing you do

weigh in tom

Good luck with the WI. I know what you mean about the reporting back. It's funny how we get like that, isn't it?


Re: weigh in tom

Isn't it nice to have somewhere non judgemental to report how you are doing. We've all been there so we understand. Most of us are probably not ready to tell our weight to anyone who we see everyday. Something about saying the number outloud.