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Daily commitment thread for 7-30-08

Good morning! I slept in a bit today and that was nice.

We had a nice day yesterday. Scott and I took a bike ride in the morning. It was funny - I always hit a summer slump where I don't feel like riding. So yesterday, he asks where I want to go and I say down a 1/2 mile and back. He laughs and says he feels the same way. So, we get ready and I ask him where we are going and he suggests the randolph route - the longest one! LOL Here I don't even feel like riding and he plans the long route. I was glad we went though. It was good to exercise like that.

Then in the afternoon I took Wes to get yu gi oh cards, pick up prescriptions, pick up 2 big bags of freecycle clothes, and get some groceries. I had awesome coupons and got a cart full of stuff for $15.35. $12.00 of that was diet cole that was on sale and I had no coupons for that. :( So my actual groceries were $3.35!! Yay!

Today I pack the camper and we leave tomorrow morning. I hope to check in tomorrow before we leave, but if I don't, can someone take over this thread for a few days? We will be back on Saturday in the afternoon.

Have a great day!

Re: Daily commitment thread for 7-30-08

so glad to come here and post of committment to being OP today. Uki have a wonderful time on your trip. Maajida

Daily commitment thread for 7-30-08

Wow Uki! How do you come up with such great coupons? Have a great trip.


Re: Daily commitment thread for 7-30-08

Have a great time on your trip.

I'm at work already..I'm super tired today. I have to stop staying up until midnight! It's catching up with me.

It's hot and gloomy here in my part of the world. I think it's going to rain.

I'm going to try to stay within my points today and not go over.

I have cucumbers coming out my ears in my garden....if you all lived closer, I'd share.

Re: Daily commitment thread for 7-30-08

I'm a little late posting today. Got up in time to walk with the gang. Today was really hard walking for some reason. It is the same 3 1/2 mile that we always walk. For some reason my heart rate was up higher than usual and I think that made it harder to walk. It seemed to get back in a normal range when I got home. Guess I got up and took my medicine too close to when I started walking. One of my pill is a beta blocker that slows my heart rate.
So far I've had 2 OP meals today. Have chicken thawing for supper. Since we are leaving for Maine Friday morning I'm trying to use up what food we have in the house. Don't know what we'll have with the chicken but DH is good about eating whatever I put on the plate. His favorite saying if he doesn't like something is "I wouldn't want it every year".
Tomorrow is weigh in and then it will be 2 weeks before I weigh in again. Will stay OP as much as possible but I'm not going to stress over it. Can't go to Maine and not have lobster and lobster rolls. Will just have to watch the sweet treats.