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Daily commitment thread for 7-31-08

Good morning! I am up early to finish getting ready to go camping, so I figured I would get the thread started.

It sounds like people are doing well and that is so great to hear!

Have a wonderful day!

Re: Daily commitment thread for 7-31-08

Another OP day for me. I'm off to WW in a few minutes then to the gym. Like Uki I need to finish packing the camper. We'll be gone for 10 days. Just found out that the mission where we are going to work is expecting a large group of young people. That might be interesting. Usually the kids are good but with a large group who knows. The 6 of us seniors who are going will have to figure out how to adjust to much more noise than we're used to.
My plan for eating is to have an OP breakfast, eat at the soup kitchen for lunch so will have little control over what I eat, then we go out for supper so will choose as carefully as possible. My goal is to come back without a gain.
See you in awhile. Everyone have a good and healthful week


Re: Daily commitment thread for 7-31-08

Pat & Uki - I wish you both a safe trip!

I am at work and OP, this has been an off week, I have picked up some bug (fever, sore throat, runny nose, aches) that has just really kicked my pants!

I don't have much of an appetite, but have been forcing myself to eat, but still I know that I have not been consuming enough points. It will be interesting to see what my weigh-in will show tomorrow - not that I will really be able to put any real stock into it.

Have a good day!

Re: Daily commitment thread for 7-31-08

Hope you feel better soon, Kim.

Uki and Patty...have fun on your trips!!! Wish I was headed somewhere fun!

OP for me...very busy today with end of month billing and so forth so have great day everyone!!

Re: Daily commitment thread for 7-31-08

so glad to come here and post of being OP...another day of struggle at the beginning of the week, but doing better now. maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread for 7-31-08

I here you Maaj on another day of struggle. I have to have my final weigh in on saturday and I need to loose .2 to make it. I think there shouldn't be a problem but I always stress out.