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Body Shapers

I was wondering if you have tried any body shapers (under-garments) that you really like?

While I was home sick this week, I saw an infomercial, (daytime TV really leaves a lot to be desired) anyway, this was for the "Slim N Lift Supreme"....well you know I ordered! I thought the price was pretty good - you get a "nude" one and then a "free one" in black and wait...that's not all...you also receive a mid-section shaper "free", all for the low, low, price of $50.00 + shipping.

I have seen the "Spanx" (sp?) brand for much more money and a smaller garment, so I thought what the heck?

So, do you have opinions, other than the fact you might think I'm nuts for ordering from TV?

Re: Body Shapers

The only one I've used is the Spanx and I love them. I get the capri length.

Re: Body Shapers

I don't think it's strange at all that you ordered from TV...you never know when there will be a good deal on something that really works for you..and most companies are pretty good about returns if the items are not workable for you. I absolutely love one piece body shapers and wear them mostly no matter what type of clothing I am wearing, from workout gear to dressing up...I love the feeling of smoothness and the way that i am not needing to keep tugging on other more traditional two-piece undergarments. Some of the one piece body shapers have good built bras which lift and separate and some, like one of the many styles by 'Flexees', is a stretchy little tank style one piece body shaper that's wonderful for working out and feeling comfortable....I guess we're all different in our preferences...no right or wrong here, but comfort is sure a bottom line, and it's nice to have styling too. Good luck, Maajida