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Weigh In 731

Down 2 today. That makes total of 68.5. Hope to stay the same while I'm gone.


Re: Weigh In 731

Great job patty. Way to keep going at it, that's amazing!!!

Re: Weigh In 731

wow Patty, I have just begun the journey, but you've made such an accomplishment. I only hope I can continue. You're a great influence.

Weigh In 731

Pat, you are amazing and quite an inspiration. Congratulations.


Re: Weigh In 7-31-08

does anyone have the recipe for philly cheesesteak,thanks

Re: Weigh In 731

Down 1.5 this week...gotta keep going!

Re: Weigh In 731

Great Job!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Re: Weigh In 731

Great job, Patty and Erika!!!

Re: Weigh In 731

Pat, congratulations on an awesome accomplishment. maajida