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Hello all. I hope this finds you all having a good eve-- i am fighting the late night munchies- so instead of eating i got on here and decided to type my tunmmy is still growling but atleast this way i will wake up and still feel good about typing AND not eating everything in the fridge.
GOOD N IGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv you all

Re: goodnite

Good thinking. I'm right behind you Fighting the stress of weighing in on Saturday and not making lifetime this week

Re: goodnite

I can relate to late night munchies! I checked my garden last night and had huge cucumbers so I sliced one up and munched on it. Before I knew it, I ate the whole thing. That was "free", but I still wanted something, so I pulled out the bag of turkey pepperoni and took about 5 of those and wrapped a 1 pt. cheese slice around it and ate that. Then I forced myself to go on to bed b/c it wasn't "doing it" for me so I had to just go to bed and try to tell myself I wasn't hungry.